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Political Automated Phone Calls

are the most cost-effective way to reach your constituents. The cost is minimal compared to other media, and the effectiveness is unsurpassed. Automated calling will allow your campaign to target your message to your constituents, give them valuable information, and help you capture valuable data to win your election.

Unlike Other Media

you will be able to reach your constituents exactly at the time of day of your choosing. You can place your calls in the middle of the day to target answering machings, or in the evening, to target live people.

Political Calling Our Specializations

Our Specializations

We specialize in the following types of automated political calling:
  • Get out the vote (GOTV) Robo Calls
  • Advocacy Voice Broadcast Calls
  • Persuasion Message Calling
  • Absentee Ballot Notification
  • "Press 1" Call Transfer Technology
  • Campaign Fundraising Robo Calls
  • Event Notification Calling
  • Political Polling Automated Calls
  • Persuasion (Push) Polling Automated Calls
  • Public Opinion (Statistical Analysis) Polling Calls
  • Call Transferring to Live Operator
  • Volunteer Notification Robo Calling
  • Reminder GOTV Calls
  • Call Recipient Voice Capture

Politicalcalling is Dedicated

to providing unsurpassed customer service to campaigns and political consultants. We utilize the latest telephony technology to ensure that all of our automated messages reach each constituent with the utmost consistency and clarity.

Fiber-Optic Technology

Locating our equipment at the long distance switch enables us to take advantage of the high quality associated with fiber-optic technology. Fiber-optic technology is the single, most reliable way to deliver an automated phone call. If you want your phone calls to be delivered on time and with exceptional audio quality, then use our fiber-optic, voice broadcast services. There are many automated call companies that utilize VOIP to make their phone calls, but these phone calls lack voice quality and are not reliable in terms of time delivery or functionality.

Who We Are is a technology company that provides high-quality, reliable voice broadcasting services. The company prides itself with having an impeccable reputation, friendly customer service, state of the art technology, and tremendous capacity: Over 700,000 robocalls per hour. has a complete staff of programmers, technicians, and technical staff. All technicians are experienced and very familiar with database management and telephony software and hardware.

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